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TMBM Political Risk Advisory

TMBM Political Risk Advisory provides objective and independent advice to our clients with a focus on strategic and political risk.

In today’s world, political risks are ever more challenging. Businesses and investments are in nuanced by political trends. Stock markets are vulnerable to political developments and changes across the world and impact of politics in businesses is across the globe. However, this impact is more pronounced in relative new states and in countries that have a weak institutional base. Developing countries are at risk of political instabilities and changes more than developed nations. New political risks seem to emerge at every turn.

Conventional risk management and analysis has had much focus on economic risks, nevertheless, the need to move beyond and analyze political risk for management purposes is on the increase. Political Risk requires a combination of soft and hard data for its analysis. Soft data include insight on the country, understanding of the political economy of the country, knowledge of the key decision makers and their characteristics and other factors that cannot be quantified. Hard data will include quantifiable information and relevant political statistics and other information that can be traced, including key and relevant documents. Political Risks requires systematic analysis that is not based on assumptions but reliable and valid information.

In light of the above, TMBM is designed to help decision-makers to understand the political status of the country and its implication to the planned investment or business decision; is has a direct impact on investment, decision-making, and performance.

Our mission is to build bridges between business, government, and society that support responsible, sustainable development in Tanzania to anticipate upcoming changes in the political spectrum; and formulate timely, successful strategies in the face of sudden changes and uncertainty.

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